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RootCMS (what this site is running on!)

RootCMS is my attempt at a simple lightweight content management system for the web. I was getting increasingly frustrated finding a solution for friends and family who wanted websites. The problems they had:

  • Want something simple!
  • Don't want it too simple! Blogger et al. all have their limitations
  • Dreamweaver and tools are awkward to learn, produce horrible code and still leaves a lot of manual leg work

I looked around the internet for free CMS and found great examples like Joomla but I was just got increasingly frustrated by them. They were just far too complicated. The Open Source community is great and all, but when so many people request features and plugins then the key vision of the software is lost. I wanted to cut away the fat and make a basic, simple, easy to use, clean CMS. So I hope this is what I achieved

Interested? Read more in the RootCMS project page