In the effort of self promotion, I shamelessly flog my CV on the open market

A little bit about me and my background

First things first, if you want skip straight to the point, you can grab my CV in two flavours:

CV (html version)

CV (pdf version)

For those who would rather see the whole CV summarised...

What jobs am I interested in?

In general, something Computer based. However, I am also interest in the financial world, so if there is an exciting opening in that world I am more than open to it.

I believe I am pretty versatile but general roles I would be interested in...

  • Computer Games - Production, Coding, Developing - Whatever I can get my foot in the door with!
  • Web Development - Coding, Scripting - Must be exciting!
  • Other app development - Java/C++ based

My main requirement is that the company/project excites me. I like to try cool things or innovate, so if that sounds like your philosophy then we could be a perfect match!