Root CMS Updated (Version 0.3)

Development of Root CMS continues apace...just a little slower than expected.

This version (official 0.3) see lots of bug fixes here and there and various improvements. No ground breaking features but everything should run much smoother now and the whole project is much more maintainable.

One of the key improvements is the integration of the new CodeMirror 2 library. If you didn't know about this, CodeMirror is essentially a lightweight code editor for your web browser - bringing niceites such as all important code highlighting. This makes it much easier for example to edit Page Templates in particular.

If you even have a passing interest, I would advise you to check out CodeMirror at:

A full changelog of version 0.3 will be coming soon, this is all part of the formalisation of this project. Hopefully one day it will see it's full public release.

If anyone is interested in checking Root CMS out and giving it a try locally then drop me a note. I am more than happy to get others' input.

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Posted almost 6 years ago
Alex said...
Is there a reference version somewhere where we can have a look ?

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