A little something about me...

Who are you?

My name is Robert Wilson, 27, from the UK. I am as we speak currently living and working in London. I have a degree in Computer Science and currently working in web development.

Why did I make this site?

This site is essentially a show case of my work and a little insight into my mind. It reality it should hopefully serve a token for recording and reminisicing about my work and past projects

The voyersitic bit...


A run down about me:

Name: Robert Wilson
Age: 27
Nationality: British
Current Residence: London, UK


Degree: Masters in Computer Science w/ Study Abroad from the University of Bristol (the proper one!)
School: 3 A-levels (Maths-A, Computing-A, Economics-B, Geography-A(AS))
10 GCSEs (6 A*, 4A) from Monmouth School

Job Hightlights:

Current Job: Support operative for OpenBet Technology Ltd.
Last Job: Web developer with LCUBED
Other jobs: Bar man for Wetherspoons, Coffee shop barista, Database developer for Social Services etc. (See CV)