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Welcome to rswilson.com

This is a shrine dedicated to Robert Wilson. Not really, just a place to showcase my achievements, goals and desires for the future. Hopefully you will find something interesting...

Content Content Content!

Just been studying a course on Open2Study about "Writing for the Web". It's been stressing the importance of keeping content fresh and up to date and ways to do this.

Well obviously, I am a culprit in this scenario, you can sometimes feel like a slave to content but it really is keep. So, it may not be a New Year, but why not a new resolution?

I'll promise to keep the site fresh with new content as much as possible. Coming up will be all the work that has gone into RootCMS and how it will be even more awesome than ever! :)

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iPhone Personal Hotspot...it just works!

As some of you may know, I am a bit of an Apple fanboy at heart. Yes, sometimes it may defy logic, but there are also certain times when a little of the Steve Jobs "it just works" magic shines through.

For my day to day job, I work remotely from home. This means that my home internet (thanks Sky!) is critical to my work.

Now this has all been fine and dandy until recently when it just died on me - leaving me half way through a working day with no access.

Cue iPhone to the rescue. The recent iOS 4.3 update had included a new gem called "Personal Hotspot". Effectively what this does is enable you to use your mobile as a Wireless hotspot and share your 3G connection with up to 5 devices.

This is easily done by going to Settings -> Personal Hotspot

Once done, you simply go to your computer and look for the corresponding wireless connection (you will see it appear as the same name as your device syncs in iTunes).

Once done, you should see you iPhone display this image:

Suffice to say, this worked like a charm. I was back up and running within 5 minutes. Connected at 4mbps thanks to me Three mobile 3G connection. And it kept the boss happy.

Only downside is that this is iPhone 4 only. Seems a little cheeky as I expect iPhone 3GS has the power & hardware to run this...another reason to upgrade?

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Root CMS Updated (Version 0.3)

Development of Root CMS continues apace...just a little slower than expected.

This version (official 0.3) see lots of bug fixes here and there and various improvements. No ground breaking features but everything should run much smoother now and the whole project is much more maintainable.

One of the key improvements is the integration of the new CodeMirror 2 library. If you didn't know about this, CodeMirror is essentially a lightweight code editor for your web browser - bringing niceites such as all important code highlighting. This makes it much easier for example to edit Page Templates in particular.

If you even have a passing interest, I would advise you to check out CodeMirror at: codemirror.net

A full changelog of version 0.3 will be coming soon, this is all part of the formalisation of this project. Hopefully one day it will see it's full public release.

If anyone is interested in checking Root CMS out and giving it a try locally then drop me a note. I am more than happy to get others' input.

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Posted almost 6 years ago
Alex said...
Is there a reference version somewhere where we can have a look ?

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Site goes live!!! (Again!)

The site has gone through yet another iteration, hopefully this one should be a bit more user friendly.

I would love to hear if you have any feedback on the design/content. It is all welcomed!

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Posted almost 7 years ago
Anonymous said...
Cool. Good luck with the site.

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